Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Alex Fong - Bitter to Sweet

你拋不開 手裡的工作
亦追跟趕 到校舍趕接放學
夜深一點 教導我末
待天一光 又來催我上學堂
你在昨天 辛苦太過

*所有父母 也盼子女成材
就算他 獎與罰也總帶著愛
世上哪個 如父母親愛

奔波一世的你 艱辛的困境扶育我
舉首凝視 似是大樹護蔭的你

彈指之間 歲月巳飄去
父子之間 總也有歡笑眼
在血緣能找到 萬般的親抹不去
漫畫書本 不要我偷看
學多一點 未來少一些出錯
你在昨天 叮囑過我

Repaet *#

往日難為是你 日夕掛心
從前頑童成熟了 求你別皺眉

Repaet (#)

盼未來能讓我 努力 報答你

From the album: At Your Distant Vicinity

First off, sorry for the long time no update.

I don't know if you may know this, but Alex Fong is one of my biggest idols. He's probably the biggest, but I'll try to keep this as unbiased as I can.

The lyrics here refer to a parents love for their child, which is really sweet. In Alex's other songs, they usually sing about break ups, and relationships, so it was nice to hear a change. He sings it all very well. I wasn't sure that Alex could bring his voice so high up, but he accomplishes it very well. A lot of the lyrics are very true and easy to relate to. For example the title, Bitter to Sweet, is already true. When you're young, you fail to appreciate a parents love and might think they punish you, but as you grow older you realize why they did what they did.

The video itself is well done. He uses personal pictures and video clips in it, which I think make the viewer feel a closer connection to the MV. I know I sure did! My favourite part comes in with the clip of him in the Olympic Games which was obviously a big achievement for him.

The filming of the MV is great too. The lighting and positioning of the camera really brings out his eyes, and the softened focus makes the video really sweet too. The only thing I would change is if Alex were to move a little bit more as opposed to sittting down singing the entire time. But that seems to be in many MVs.

The special touch of the baby pictures, I think, really got his fans. It's almost like he let people into his personal life, which is rare in celebrities nowadays

For this music video, I rate it

Pros came in during the pictures straight from his own albums
Cons were him just sitting, as opposed to moving xD

Monday, October 1, 2007

Kary Ng - Control

紅男綠女 我感覺很好
這幾個鐘頭 我不會say no
除時就困著我 要管我管到幾點鐘

Control Lose Control 囉嗦過父母
Control Lose Control 自己都有分數
Control Lose Control 今天要上訴
別再祈求我 什麼給你估到

返工放工 已經看不到
講股票金融 那一塊幾毫
除時就困著我 要管我管到幾點鐘

Control Lose Control 囉嗦過父母
Control Lose Control 自己都有分數
Control Lose Control 今天我上訴
別再祈求我 什麼給你估到

(鬼死咁好 著衫要樽領先好
儲錢買樓最好 要似足阿邊個先買得到
我返工要好準時 放工要收到通知
噢 九點兩點 四點五點 俾晒公司
點解顧慮咁多 變左個低壓槽
要走去玩 氣氛要好
Everybody Lose Control)

*Control Lose Control 囉嗦過父母
 Control Lose Control 自己都有分數
 Control Lose Control 今天我上訴
 別再祈求我 什麼給你估到*


Control Lose Control 囉嗦過父母
共我做情侶 就只需要擁抱
Control Lose Control 今天我上訴
別再祈求我 什麼給你估到

Repeat *

From her album: In Control

So this is my first review for the music video Control sung by Kary Ng. If you've listened to this song before, you can already tell it is an extreme dance song that can be used for parties and such. The music video for the song is no different. Kary sings the song while dancing choreographed moves that are absolutely in sync with her backup dancers. Kary is known for her dancing, and this whole MV proves that she can dance. The editing is very clever, and the flashes of light, first seem to be fancy, but after a while I find them a bit distracting.

It would have been nice to see the music video filmed at another location. It's all done on a white background, and only her dancing keeps you watching. It does seem a bit plain for my liking. Also, the spiral in the background just reminds me of Austin Powers where they go back in time. But I think it's highly unlikely that they copied that part of it.

I really love her whole style in this music video. The clothes, her hair and her dancing. Overall I really enjoyed it. I think its kind of rare that HK artists dedicate a whole music video to just dancing, and I think that Kary pulls it off very well here. Congrats to her!

For this music video, I rate it

Props for her dancing and upbeat song and trying a new concept for her video.
Cons were the lack of variety and a bit of unorganization.

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